The reformation in ART


Author: Amit Shukla

     Long years ago back in the traces of history, there was an existence of the technique known as “reformation.” Are you familiar with the term reformation? What does it mean? How useful is it to us and in what way? This all questions are categorized and understood at instance by understanding the meaning related to the word reformation. Reformation means simply being the change, advancement or upgrading oneself and presenting a better version of oneself compared to yesterday. 

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Just as an audience is needed to enjoy art, the same is the way we should develop such an attitude to inculcate the message it tries to deliver to masses. In our day to day life, we usually entertain ourselves with innumerable videos, movies and also programs. Just like entertainment is important in life the same is the way to extract knowledgeable messages to be delivered by any art form.

   There are various art form existing in nature whether we are aware or not, Art is the pure form of dedication and devotion because it depicts clarity in its thoughts. It does not have a mixture or blend in its message and also it develops huge confidence to be aware of human life and activities. It completely nurtures every aspect of humans and also improves their self-esteem. It also helps in strengthening of social interaction by developing a bond between them. It also alters the life of every human physically, emotionally, mentally and socially in a positive manner as a whole.

According to me, it is important for everyone to develop some kind of art form to communicate masses not verbally but directly from soul to soul. Art is the pure form of method because it is directly delivered from the heart itself as it does not leave you in a confused and unattended state. It is okay if you are not a great artist initially because of the fact you all may be aware “Greatness lies in-consistent practice and practice comes from courage.”

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An artist is respected all over the world. Being an artist is not so easy task it requires limitless efforts and courage to stand extraordinary in the ordinary. It’s quite uneven if you desire to bring the change, then first be the change. Reformation usually means improvement whereas reformation in art means bringing change or improvement through the medium of art. Art is not developed at an instance, it is developed by pursuing a passion that makes you contented from inside on performing it either alone or in front of a group of people. The message which is delivered by an artist is usually not overlooked by masses.