What our team members are doing while they #StayAtHome ?

1. Inviting artists globally to join #MakeupPainters During the time of concern (COVID19 outbreak), Artientifique invites female artists globally to join us in our mission and help us make a bigger impact worldwide. To be creative and productive in the lockdown period, these artists are given a makeup painting challenge #CreateAtHome , where they create […]

The reformation in ART

Author: Amit Shukla      Long years ago back in the traces of history, there was an existence of the technique known as “reformation.” Are you familiar with the term reformation? What does it mean? How useful is it to us and in what way? This all questions are categorized and understood at instance by understanding […]

Global Statistics – Cosmetic Waste

Body care products and Cosmetics are used in massive quantities. Their frequent usage caused them to get back into the environment in similar proportions. There are many products that are preservative in nature and have bio-accumulation potential. This means a hazard to the ecosystem as a whole. Throwing old, unused cosmetics into the dust bin […]

5 Ways You Can Deal With Your Old Cosmetics Without Polluting The Earth

By: Indranil Bagchi, Ahana Chanda Cosmetics and makeup have become essentials in the life of every Instagram ready Millenial. However, we seldom care to think about how discarding old cosmetics ends up polluting the Earth. Since we are the moralistic cliche young blood with a penchant to change the world, we decided that It’s high […]

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