About Me

Space Enthusiast | Nature Lover | Photographer | Environmentalist

‘Climate Change’ is the buzz word of the year! A word that has ringed on every tabloid. The idea of saving the earth sounds so incredible and gives a vision of superman carrying the earth on his shoulders. It is so strong and intimidating.

Or this is what I thought before Artientifique happened. I am inquisitive by nature, taking up a new project every now and then. I have a trail of thoughts for everyday chores. The idea of Artientifique came on one of these random musings. I was at my friend’s home, she showed me her new hold – recently launched summer palette by a well-known brand. Her eyes twinkled with excitement like the newly bought glossy box of make-up. As she was looking for her makeup brush in the drawer she came across her old collection. She went on to throw it off on a whim since it was no more ‘in’. I liked the way she kept herself updated with trends but I wondered about the dumped collection. 

All cosmetics reach the bin before they are truly empty, that last whit of liquid left in the bottle just stays there waiting. I wondered about what happens to that smidgen of liquid which never gets to shine on her owner’s body. Where does it go? after some scattered thoughts here and there in the duration of a few days, I realized beauty enhancing products which never get used eventually land in the ocean. And pollute the marine biology. 

This was a grave concern, a concern that was too serious to be solved by a teenager. But as is the mind of a teenager substantive yet fresh, I had my eureka moment. If the cosmetics could not be used to beautify the owner it can still beautify something else. The idea was to use cosmetics as paint. These kinds of paintings would solve the problem of disposal of unused cosmetics. Not only this would be economically wise but will also help them save the earth.

On the surface, this sounds so simple and intuitive but ideas are nothing without execution. And Artientifique is set out to execute this idea. Of course, there were naysayers but with the help of my family, friends and teachers I have set out on this journey of saving the earth. I am not a superman who could save the earth in a flash but I am a girl who is ready to take small yet bold steps one at a time.