5 Ways You Can Deal With Your Old Cosmetics Without Polluting The Earth

By: Indranil Bagchi, Ahana Chanda

Cosmetics and makeup have become essentials in the life of every Instagram ready Millenial. However, we seldom care to think about how discarding old cosmetics ends up polluting the Earth. Since we are the moralistic cliche young blood with a penchant to change the world, we decided that It’s high time to take care of our surroundings. So here are five ways you can deal with your old cosmetics without polluting Mother Earth.

1. Melt old lipsticks together to create a new nail polish shade

(source: theverge.com)

Are you throwing away your lipsticks just because they’re old? Hold on! Scoop out what’s left and melt them in a large spoon. Pour the completed mixture into a small glass container with an airtight cap. Voila! Your home-made nail polish is ready for use. 
P.S. there’s no expiry date on it as well.

2. Turn a cheap, old eye pencil into a new liquid eyeliner

Heat the pencil with a lighter (at your discretion) for a few minutes. The lead will start turning into a liquid substance. Pour it into some vessel and let it cool down for 10-15 seconds. Not only did you do the planet a whole lot of good, but you also saved yourself a few bucks with the brand new intense smudge-free eyeliner you always wanted!.

3. Use an old liquid eyeliner brush as a thin paintbrush

(source: face Stockholm)

Clear off the eyeliner from the brush. Wash and dry the brush for a while. Instead of throwing it away in the dust bin, use it for painting. The thin brush can be used to paint the beautiful sky, touch up intricate details, or give an elegant touch to your portrait!

4. Making paint colors

(source: stock.adobe.com)

Have your lipstick shades expired? Again? I am sure you don’t want to listen to your mom go-on about how you waste money regularly. So, here’s what you do- Take out the leftover lipstick and melt it till it becomes liquid. You can now use the liquid shades as solid colors in your painting to give it a touch of originality!

5. Making Painting out of your Cosmetics

No, I am not making this up! And Yes, it is alright if you haven’t heard of this before. It is indeed a crazy idea to recycle makeup and make paintings out of your cosmetics! Guess what? Artientifiue does just that!. They make paintings by recycling make up products and cosmetics, which in turn doesn’t end up harming the environment. It is a brilliant idea to reuse makeup as most of them end up in dust bins anyway, ultimately finding their way into the litter and finally getting disposed of in an unorganized way.

Artientifique makes eco-friendly art and paintings that help not only to recycle the products, but also to make the environment a cleaner and beautiful place to live. It just gets better! You can buy these beautiful pictures and use them for decorating your house or just put them in the corner of your favorite bedroom! If you’re searching for a unique gift for your special ones, a makeup painting is an excellent option. The organization delivers the pictures right at your door-step too! Trust me; your tiny contribution can make a massive difference to the future of this planet we call home.

I hope I have given you some ideas to make better use of your old cosmetics that you didn’t want to throw away anyway! So go ahead and have fun with your recycled makeup!