A glimpse of eco-friendly art

Why choose an Artientifique painting?

innovative ART

Introducing a new style: paintings created by 100% cosmetics, which grant them unique shades, textures, giving a classy look to your walls.

Earth - friendly

Each painting helps you get close to nature, contributes to save Earth from marine biodiversity degradation, being created from discarded cosmetics which would have polluted soil and water if not disposed of in the right way.

the exclusive gift

Today, gift your special ones something special. Art is closely connected to hearts, hence an unique gift is always searched for. What about art created by beauty?

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Why Aisha Mir started?

Our beautiful Earth is suffering from soil and water pollution. This high school student kept thinking what can be done with those old lipsticks and thick nail polishes which we threw in the dustbin without even making sure that it is tightly closed.

Makeup paintings collection

A unique style of innovative art designed with great care, put together in frames. Beauty, created out of beauty, giving it a value for life!

Meet some of our Team members

Who dedicated their time and talent for Earth

Founder & Artist

Aisha Mir

Social Media Marketer

Yash Harsora

Website support by

Ammar Falak

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

"Artientifique is not only making awesome paintings, but they are saving our environment. They use these used makeup products and do beautiful paintings out of it. Amazing work and you will definitely shine in this world."
Sukin Shetty
" A very good initiative by Aisha to create eco-friendly paintings from waste, unused cosmetic material. I would recommend people to go and choose products available from ranges available, this way you will also help our earth by keeping it clean."
Sachin Chand
Founder, HaarWala
"Very few artwork creators care for the environment while sharing their creativity. However, Artientifique combines ingenuity with care for the environment. So I earnestly request support for the cause.
Dev Sajnani
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